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Efficient work
Efficient Work
The company's related information and resources can be got quickly via employees' exclusive account number. Various electronic systems are indispensable important partners for our work. Internet telephone, video conference, email information, and other communication equipment also provide convenient and fast communication modes and realize zero distance of communication.
Physical and psychological health
Physical and Psychological Health
Trantest Precision not only pays attention to employees' work efficiency, but also stresses the synchronous development of the physical and psychological health of employees. To relieve the pressure of daily work, the company makes a series of leisure activity plans like climbing mountains, dinner party and sports meeting, in addition to the grand dinner party for employees at year end.
These activities can relax employees' mind, cultivate the emotion among employees, and enhance the cohesive force of employees. Meanwhile, the related departments of the company also investigate employees' satisfaction for company activities every year and promptly adopts suggestions from all parties in order to hold more meaningful leisure activities. In addition to the leisure activities held by the company for employees, Trantest Precision's annual traveling activity also provides a leisure platform for employees to go outdoors, get close to the nature and enjoy happy time with family members.
  • Climbing mountains
  • Dinner party
  • Sports meeting
  • Year-end party
  • Travel
  • Charity
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