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Year-end Banquet in 2016

Stepped on the bumpy road, climbed over the rugged mountain, walked through the frustration bridge and arrived at the road of success, 2016 waved away; 2017 is coming with the spring breeze and a meteoric rise with sunny day. A new year produces new goal and hope. Our company held year-end banquet in Hengfeng Haiyue International Hotel on January 20th. Various colleagues, partners and leaders gather here. During the banquet, all kinds of wonderful performances make people laugh. We look forward to interspersed lottery activities. With the extraction of different levels of prizes, the party continuously sets off waves of upsurge. Family interaction of company leaders and employees and exciting lottery activities let singing, applause and cheers always ripple in the arena.
We paid a great effort, gained fruitful harvest and walked around the corners and harvested the golden fruit in 2016. We are full of longing, passionate and higher goal for us to achieve, bigger market to petition, more spectacular career to sway wisdom and talent in 2017. Let us strut by confidence and courage together and write a more brilliant future!